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The next generation in sodium-ion batteries

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TitleThe next generation in sodium-ion batteries
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Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionModern nano-materials and devices achieve their impressive performance by relying on clever design and a fine balance of micro- and nano-mechanical properties. Arguably, it is the mechanical properties that are the major single factor determining performance of any material or operation of a device. On the nanometre length scale, yet another very significant physical dimension comes into play – temporal (or “time domain”) behaviour of devices or materials. The examples of fast nanoscale physical phenomena range from magnetic or ferroelectric domains switching to lubrication in the hard drive, heat transfer in nanostructures, and functioning of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical) and QEMS (quantum nano-electro-mechanical) systems.

We in our group explore these fascinating features of nature around us (and inside us!), and related physical, chemical and biological phenomena and hope you will share with us the fascination of these discoveries.
PersonsNuria Tapia Ruiz, John Griffin, Oleg Kolosov, Stijn Mertens