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Soil respiration in human-modified forests of Eastern Amazonia


  • Erika De Berenguer Cesar (Creator)
  • L.C. Rossi (Creator)
  • M.M.M. Seixas (Creator)
  • J. Barlow (Creator)
  • Erika Berenguer (Contributor)
  • NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre (Contributor)


This dataset includes measurements of soil respiration in 20 plots (250 x 10 m each) in the Brazilian Amazon. Study plots were distributed across a gradient of forest disturbance, including: undisturbed primary forests , logged primary forests, logged-and-burned primary forests, and secondary forests. Data were collected from January 2015 until November 2017. In December 2015, during the El NiƱo-mediated drought, eight of our study plots were affected by understory fires.
Date made available2019
PublisherNERC Environmental Information Data Centre
Geospatial polygon (coordinate pairs that describe the corners of a shape in decimal format, separated by commas)-3.5, -54.5, -2.5, -55.0

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