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WRF-Chem model output for APEC temporal and sectoral emission controls



PM2.5 surface concentrations from WRF-Chem model sensitivity experiments used in the study published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-2020-814) are stored in four different files. Data from the inner-most model domain (North China Plain, D03) are stored. The four files contain:

1. pulseruns-surfacepm25.nc
Results from one-day emission controls over Beijing, Near-Neighbourhood (NN) and Far-Neighbourhood (FN) with 20 different start and end dates as indicated in the variable names. The 24-hour controls were implemented from the 17th hour to the 40th hour in each run to reflect midnight to midnight controls in Beijing local time. The first 16 hours and the last 8 hours of these results were discarded to provide a 5-day time-series used in the analysis.

2. zerooutruns--surfacepm25.nc
Results from continuous reduction (switching-off) of one emission sector at a time. The reductions were applied from the 17th hour of 20th October onwards in UTC time coordinates. The particular sector removed is indicated in the name of each variable. ind, pow, tran, res, NN and FN refer to industrial, power generation, transportation, residential, Near-Neighbourhood and Far-Neighbourhood respectively.

3. perturbationruns1-30-surfacepm25.nc
4. perturbationruns31-60-surfacepm25.nc
Results from 60 simultaneous emission-perturbation runs. The perturbations
were applied from the 17th hour of 20th October in UTC time coordinates. The corresponding emission perturbations for run 1 to run 60 are provided in Table S2 in the supplementary material of the published paper.
Date made available18/02/2021
PublisherLancaster University
Temporal coverage10/2014 - 11/2014
Date of data production1/10/2015 - 30/09/2020
Geographical coverageNorth China Plain

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