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Physical and Analytical Chemistry

  1. Data underpinning - A Multinuclear NMR Study of Six Forms of AlPO-34: Structure and Motional Broadening

    Dawson, D. M. (Creator), Griffin, J. (Creator), Seymour, V. (Creator), Wheatley, P. S. (Creator), Amri, M. (Creator), Kurkiewicz, T. (Creator), Guillou, N. (Creator), Wimperis, S. (Creator), Walton, R. I. (Creator), Ashbrook, S. E. M. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2017, 10.17630/a6d6d27b-a8f0-46cb-8e6b-2c9a344e86b7


  2. Data underpinning - Hunting for Hydrogen: Random Structure Searching and Prediction of NMR Parameters of Hydrous Wadsleyite

    Moran, R. (Creator), McKay, D. (Creator), Pickard, C. J. (Creator), Berry, A. (Creator), Griffin, J. (Creator), Ashbrook, S. E. M. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2016, 10.17630/f22628a9-6349-48b7-a5b8-5fd589468eaf


  3. DPP-DTT data

    Griffin, J. (Creator), Lancaster University, 14/06/2016, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/83


  4. Supplementary data: Na2.4Al0.4Mn2.6O7 anionic redox cathode material for sodium ion batteries- a combined experimental and theoretical approach to elucidate its charge storage mechanism

    Soares, C. (Creator), Silvan, B. (Creator), Choi, Y. (Creator), Celorrio, V. (Creator), Cibin, G. (Creator), Scanlon, D. O. (Creator), Tapia Ruiz, N. (Creator), Zenodo, 2021, 10.5281/zenodo.5787489


  5. The Ambient Hydration of the Aluminophosphate JDF-2 to AlPO-53(A): Insights from NMR Crystallography (dataset)

    Dawson, D. M. (Creator), Walton, R. (Creator), Wimperis, S. (Creator), Ashbrook, S. E. M. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2017, 10.17630/bad7af52-94cc-4a85-8aed-09fb761b894c


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