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Dr Abdulmohsen Alonayq

Former Research Student

Abdulmohsen Alonayq

Research overview

My broad research interests include commercial translation, crowdsourcing, Arabisation, non-profit translation projects as well as volunteer translation practices.


I am currently a PhD candidate working on crowdsourcing Arabic translation projects at the department of Languages and Cultures.


Previous to this position, I completed my MA studies at the University of Manchester. My dissertation entitled ‘Localising Commercial Advertising in Saudi Arabia: A comparative study of Lipton and Rabea tea brands’, tackles the issues of concern when localising commercial brands for the Saudi market.

Current Research


My current research focuses on crowdsourcing translation for Arabisation projects in terms of narratives that motivate volunteer translators to join such projects.


Through my project, ‘Crowdsourcing Translation for Digital Arabisation Projects: A narrative perspective ’, I particularly explore to what extent the focus on Arabisation narratives in crowdsourcing projects encourages Arab volunteer translators to participate.  Then, a comparison will be carried out to figure out how the Arabisation crowdsourced projects differ from other Arabisation initiatives in terms of narratives. Such comparison is expected to reveal what crowdsourcing models have to offer for Arabic translation projects.