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Afnan Al-Malk

Research student

Lancaster University

The Management School



Research overview

I am a full-time PhD student, currently in my third year. My research interest is in applied economics generally, with topics spanning different fields. In my first PhD chapter, I explore the potential channel that links migrants' religiosity and their employment in the EU labor market. For my second chapter, I examine the impact of distance on international trade by exploiting a geographical shock to identify causal effects. Finally, my current research examines how a shock to a major migrants' destination affects the remittances they send back home.

Supervised By

Dr. Maria Navarro Paniagua

Dr. Jean-Francois Maystadt


MSc Economics, Warwick University (2017)

BSc (Accounting, Economics), Qatar University (2015)

External Roles

Lecturer in Economics

College of Business & Economics

Qatar University



Research Interests

Applied Economics, Economic Geography, Labor economics.