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Dr Ahmad Timsal

Former Research Student

Research overview

Having worked at multinational IT companies like IBM for several years, my research interests revolve around the 'use of technology' for specific purposes by human participants. After switching to academia in 2014, I have keenly observed my students using various forms of learning technology during their studies. I was fascinated by the variation in the ways, in which technology is being used by these students - particularly in a traditional (instruction-led) learning environment. These variations can give some interesting insights about the 'influence' technology can have on teaching and learning practices, in this part of the world. 

My doctoral research study is about exploring students' experiences of using learning technology, within their classroom environment, in the context of a Business School. 

Current Research

Phenomenographic Analysis of students' experiences of using learning technology within their MBA studies - in the context of a Pakistani Business School 

Current Teaching

UG Courses on Management Consulting 


MBA (2011-2013) - University of Southern Queensland, Australia 

BS IT (2005-2009) - National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Supervised By

Professor Vivien Hodgson 

Dr. Syed Uzair Shah 

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