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Alejandro Moure Abelenda

Research student

Alejandro Moure Abelenda

Lancaster University

Engineering Building



Tel: +44 7933 712762

Research overview

My research is about the valorization of anaerobic digestate and wood ash. While studying the underlying chemistry of the blend of these two waste streams I believe I have developed a novel technology for hte stablisation of organic residues. The technology relies in the use of the wood ash due to the nutrient content (e.g. potassium and phosphorus) and properties as sorbent and binder of this material. In this way, it is possible to acheive the three levels of stabilisation (biological, chemical, and physical) of this material to enhance the utilisation of this material as soil amendment, and maybe even for other purposes such as ecological contruction material, while minimising any harm to the environment.

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