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Dr Alexander Kozorezov

Formerly at Lancaster University

Alexander Kozorezov

Research Interests

Main recent activity in the following areas:

  • Electron-phonon interaction in semiconductor micro- and nano-structures. Hot electrons and mechanisms of energy relaxation.
  • Dynamics of plasmons and plasmon-phonon coupled modes. Plasmon life-time heirarchy and direct vibrational decay.
  • Phonon transport in disordered materials and ceramics.
  • Phonon scattering at the disordered interfaces. Microscopic theory of phonon energy transfer through solid-solid interfaces.
  • Phonon detectors of elementary particles and photons. General principles of detection. Energy and spatial resolution. Strongly non-equilibrium state of quasi particles and phonons in superconducting tunnel junctions (STJ).
  • Hot spots in STJ. Autolocalization of quasiparticles.
  • Quasi particles and phonon interactions in heavily proximized superconducting structures.
  • Dynamics and the origin of localized traps in the STJs. Kinetics of localized traps, quasiparticles and phonons. Giant trap-induced non-linear responsivity of the STJ's.
  • STJ as sensitive detectors of single photons down to near infrared.
  • STJ matrices. Diffusive coupling and cross-correlation in neighbour pixel response.


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