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Dr Alexis Moraitis

Lecturer in International Political Economy

County South



Office Hours:

Tuesday 9.00-11.00, book a slot by clicking on this link. Meetings can take place in my office B.72 or on Teams (by following the link automatically generated).

Research overview

My research is situated within the field of International Political Economy. In particular, I focus on the relationship between state and economy and the ways in which the state’s role in a capitalist society has been conceptualised by liberal, neoliberal and critical theories. My research also engages with the political economy of post-industrial capitalism. I examine how deindustrialisation has fundamentally altered the landscape of the global economy and impacted states’ governing strategies. Furthermore, my work looks at the post-1980s transformation of the French state and its evolving relationship with European supranational regulations. Finally, my interests include Karl Marx's Critique of Political Economy and value theory.

PhD supervision

My research interests include: International Political Economy, state theory, liberalism and neoliberalism, future of work and automation, post-industrial transformations of capitalism, French politics, Marxism and value theory

Career Details

Prior to joining PPR in 2020 I taught political economy at the Universities of Warwick, Oxford Brookes, Birmingham and York. In 2019 I obtained my PhD from the University of Warwick where I had previously also done a BA and MA in Politics and International Political Economy respectively.

Current Teaching

I am the convenor of PPR.238: State & Economy which looks at the ways that states, market and the demos relate to each other in the context of the capitalist political economy throug the eyes of key 19th and early 20th century political economists.

I also am the convenor of PPR.348: The Governance of Global Capitalism which examines the tensions and crises that underpin the governance of the global economy today.

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