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Dr Andrew McKendrick

Former Research Student

Andrew McKendrick

Office Hours:

Friday 11-12 in B67 Management School.

Research Interests

I am interested in labour economics, and the subfields of education and identity in particular - but I also have an interest in labour economics more generally health and development economics. I have two strands of current work. 

1. The impact of intrinsic religiosity on educational, economic and faith outcomes. Working Paper here.

2. The short and long term impacts of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)


Current Teaching

Econ 331 - Industrial Organisation


Past Teaching:

Econ 327 - Labour Economics 

Econ 101 - Principles of Economics 

Research Grants

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funding for PhD.

Supervised By

Professor Ian Walker and Dr Maria Navarro Paniagua

Career Details

Two internships at the Bank of England. 

1st - Examining the impact of income and income inequality on average hours worked in the UK. Data was from the Labour Force Survey (LFS).  

2nd - Analysis of self-employment in the Family Resources Survey (FRS). 


BSc Economics (Lancaster University) - 1st Class Honours

  • Dissertation - "Does Well-Being Data Suggest Couples Pool Resources?"

MSc Economics (Lancaster University) - Distinction (unawarded - completed as first year of integrated PhD). 

  • Dissertation - "Education and Identity" (Analysis of British National Identity among migrants to the UK)

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