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Dr Andrew Taylor

Former Research Student

Research overview

My research interests are in the following areas:

  • International relations and security
  • Maritime strategy and security
  • Naval affairs

Thesis Title

Maritime strategy in the era of control and denial of visibility (working title)

Thesis Outline

My thesis examines how changing political, strategic and technological contexts have affected maritime strategic thought. Just as there are 'principles' of conventional military strategy, so too are there principles of maritime strategy.

My thesis focuses upon these principles and how they have evolved in response to these changing contexts; the central hypothesis is that the current context makes a new maritime strategic principle, control and/or denial of visibility, desirable. This new principle is concerned with the triad between knowledge, perception and interpretation. These have always been important to navies, of course, yet the existing maritime strategic principles arguably say little about them. The thesis thus aims to address a gap in these principles.

Research Grants

My PhD is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Supervised By

My supervisor is Dr. Basil Germond.

Contact me

University e-mail address: a.taylor15@lancaster.ac.uk

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