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Bob Jones

Research student

Lancaster University

Bowland North



Thesis Title

How Agricultural Policies and Practices Shape Each Other: A Case Study of Dairy Farming

Research Interests

My research interests centre around how the arrangement of everyday life is orchestrated by the practices from different fields, the rules they reproduce, and the overlapping qualities such practices and rules possess beyond the boundaries of their own field. For example, I am interested in how the practices of agricultural policymaking interact with those of dairy farming and vice versa.

My interests in practices and rules relates to my wider interest in science and technology studies; particularly, sociotechnical systems. I am interested in researching how a sociotechnical system is established by the various practices performed by different practitioners, and the codes/policies/standards that are reproduced in such practices and in how these components hang together.

Additional Information

My PhD research has been awarded an ESRC funded studentship from the NWSSDTP.

I hold a BA (hons) in Criminology from the University of Liverpool, and a MSc in Sociological Research from the University of Manchester.