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Dr Brooke Simmons

Reader in Astrophysics

  1. Data for: Harnessing the Hubble Space Telescope Archives: A Catalogue of 21,926 Interacting Galaxies

    O'Ryan, D. (Creator), Merin, B. (Creator), Simmons, B. (Creator), Vojtekova, A. (Creator), Anku, A. (Creator), Walmsley, M. (Creator), Garland, I. (Creator), Geron, T. (Creator), Keel, W. (Creator), Kruk, S. (Creator), Lintott, C. J. (Creator), Mantha, K. B. (Creator), Masters, K. L. (Creator), Reerink, J. (Creator), Smethurst, R. J. (Creator), Thorne, M. (Creator), Zenodo, 2023, 10.5281/zenodo.7684876


  2. Galaxy Zoo 2: Images from Original Sample

    Willett, K. W. (Creator), Lintott, C. J. (Creator), Bamford, S. P. (Creator), Masters, K. L. (Creator), Simmons, B. (Creator), Casteels, K. R. V. (Creator), Edmonson, E. M. (Creator), Fortson, L. F. (Creator), Kaviraj, S. (Creator), Keel, W. C. (Creator), Melvin, T. (Creator), Nichol, R. C. (Creator), Raddick, M. J. (Creator), Schawinski, K. (Creator), Simpson, R. J. (Creator), Skibba, R. A. (Creator), Smith, A. M. (Creator), Thomas, D. (Creator), Zenodo, 2013, 10.5281/zenodo.3565489


  3. Galaxy Zoo DECaLS: Detailed Visual Morphology Measurements from Volunteers and Deep Learning for 314,000 Galaxies

    Walmsley, M. (Creator), Lintott, C. (Creator), Tobias, G. (Creator), Kruk, S. J. (Creator), Krawczyk, C. (Creator), Willett, K. (Creator), Bamford, S. (Creator), Kelvin, L. S. (Creator), Fortson, L. (Creator), Gal, Y. (Creator), Keel, W. (Creator), Masters, K. (Creator), Mehta, V. (Creator), Simmons, B. (Creator), Smethurst, R. J. (Creator), Smith, L. (Creator), Baeten, E. M. L. (Creator), Macmillan, C. (Creator), Zenodo, 2020, 10.5281/zenodo.4573248


  4. Wildwatch Kenya expert verified data

    Egna, N. (Creator), O'Connor, D. (Creator), Stacy-Dawes, J. (Creator), Tobler, M. (Creator), Pilfold, N. (Creator), Neilsen, K. (Creator), Simmons, B. (Creator), Davis, E. (Creator), Bowler, M. (Creator), Fennessy, J. (Creator), Glikman, J. A. (Creator), Larpei, L. (Creator), Lekalgitele, J. (Creator), Lekupanai, R. (Creator), Lekushan, J. (Creator), Lemingani, L. (Creator), Lemirgishan, J. (Creator), Lenaipa, D. (Creator), Lenyakopiro, J. (Creator), Lesipiti, R. L. (Creator), Lororua, M. (Creator), Muneza, A. (Creator), Rabhayo, S. (Creator), Masiaine, S. (Creator), Ruppert, K. (Creator), Owen, M. (Creator), Zenodo, 2021, 10.5061/dryad.n02v6wwv9


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