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Dr Christiana Iordanou

Former Research Student

Christiana Iordanou

Research Interests

My research focuses on whether drawing and dramatization can enhance young children and adults' eyewitness testimony and whether other factors such as temperament, symbolic and language ability, and stress during the interview have an effect. My project aims to bring together theories from the fields of Developmental and Forensic Psychology and Dramatherapy and will be informed from principles of Law and the Arts, making it a project of both academic and applied value. For the development and completion of my project I have been awarded a fully funded PhD Scholarship by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Department of Psychology, Lancaster University.

I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). My duties involve teaching seminars for the 101 Understanding Psychology module and being a lab demonstrator in analysis labs for the 102 Investigating Psychology module. I am also an Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. 

Current Teaching

101 Seminar Tutor: Understanding Psychology

102 Analysis Lab Demonstrator: Investigating Psychology

204 Research Methds Lab Demonstrator: Research Methods I: Experimental Methods in Psychology

310 Seminar Tutor: The Lying Brain: An Examination of Hallucinations and Delusions in Normal, Clinical and Pathological Populations

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