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Daniel Waller

Formerly at Lancaster University

Daniel Waller


I graduated from Durham University in July 2014 with a Masters of Mathematics (MMath) degree. I took a range of modules in pure and applied mathematics and also completed a project which used methods in probability and stochastic processes to investigate the distribution of the longest edge-lengths in a selection of related random spatial graphs, with a particular focus on the nearest neighbour graph. This is a problem which can have applications in wireless ad-hoc networking.

I was attracted to STOR-i following my accountancy internship in audit with a "big-4" professional services firm, an invaluable experience in the world of business which nevertheless led me to search for a career involving a more varied and intellectually stimulating aspect. The focus on solving real-world problems and the links STOR-i has within industry, providing opportunities for collaboration on PhD projects, seemed ideal for me.

My PhD project is in collaboration with marketing analytics company Aimia, and focusses on demand forecasting in the retail sector. In particular, my research intends to develop techniques which incorporate causal information, such as promotional activity, to produce forecasts that are valuable for both marketing and supply chain purposes. A further aim is to examine the potential of big datasets in this context and the adaptation of forecasting techniques to its use.

Homepage: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/~waller/index.php

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