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David Watkins

Research student


I am a chartered engineer with over 30 years of hands on plant management experience of new build power stations and steady state operations on nuclear, gas, coal and renewable plant at home and abroad. 

My experience includes power station management, fleet operations & maintenance (Siemens Gas Turbines), managing director and chief executive officer roles, including experience with independent power producers, managing plants under O&M contracts, project direction of new build (EPC) contracts and outage management.

I have also operated the HV Grid in New Zealand and worked for a major consulting group specialising in power plant and supply network design.

Current Research

Currently researching leak detection in combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station boilers using radiotracers. The technique involves injection of a small quantity of a short lived radionuclide into the high pressure boiler feedwater and monitoring for its specific radiation signature in the low pressure gas side of the CCGT boiler. The purpose of the research is to evaluate if this technique can be used in the early diagnosis of a boiler tube failure.