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Dr Davor Mujezinovic

Former Research Student

Davor Mujezinovic


My first degree was in business and finance, which I did at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. In 2013 I completed my MA in Political Economy at the Univeristy of Manchester, where I wrote a dissertation on the compatibility of the Marxist and ecological economics schools of economic theory.

My current research seeks to investigate the phenomena of e-waste through a case-study of the dump-site Agbobloshie near Accra in Ghana. It seeks to do so through the lens of a combination of ecological economics and Marxian political ecology. The environmental and social problems of Agbobloshie are framed as inherent problems of capitalism as a historically specific mode of production. This project also touches upon issues such as resource exploitation of third-world countries, core-periphery relations, as well as imperialism and neo-colonialism.

Thesis Title

Global Industrial Metabolism and E-Waste Dumping in the Agbobloshie suburb of Accra, Ghana - A Marxian Ecological Economics Approach

Research Grants

I am currently the recipient of a FASS PhD scholarship award in Sociology, as well as generous grants from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (specifically the Margit Althin Scholarship Fund) and the Science Fund of Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren.

Supervised By

Professor Michael Krätke and Dr. Bronislaw Szerszynski


BSc Business Administration: Industrial and Financial Management (University of Gothenburg)

MA Political Economy: Society, Space and Environment (Univeristy of Manchester)

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