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Dr Derek Kitson

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

Rigidity and flexibility of frameworks

Discrete geometry and combinatorics

Operator theory and functional analysis


PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising projects in geometric and combinatorial rigidity (both theory and application areas). I am particularly interested in rigidity properties of periodic structures, rigidity under alternative metrics, and aspects which border analysis, operator theory and Banach space geometry. A good background in either combinatorics or analysis is sufficient to get started. For more information please contact me.

Current Teaching

Real Analysis

MSci dissertations supervisor

Group projects supervisor


Previous teaching:

- Topology and Fractals (2015-17)

- Calculus (2014-16)

- Engineering Mathematics (2014-15)

- Complex Analysis (2011-12)

- Metric spaces (2009-12)

- Mathematics for Scientists (2009-12)

- Analysis II (2008-09)

- Multivariable Calculus for Science (2008-10)


Professional Role

Outreach officer

- Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses organiser

- Engineering Development Trust Headstart summer school organiser

- Contributer to a range of community days and schools events


Academic employability champion

- Supporting and promoting student employability


MAGIC: postgraduate courses in pure and applied mathematics

- Lancaster node representative and programme committee member


Academic tutor

- Supporting students on academic matters


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