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Dr Diansha Wang

Former Research Student

Research overview

My research knowledge and interest lie in leadership relationships in virtual contexts, and digital and remote working.

My doctoral thesis aims to explore follower-leader relationships in physical and non-physical contexts. 



Research Grants

LUMS Conference Grants Scheme (2018, 2019)

Friend's Programme Research Student Conference Funding (2019) 

Graduate College Travel Grant (2019) 

CMS Conference Doctoral Student and Early Career Scholar Grant (2019) 

Current Teaching

18/19:MNGT160 Future Global Leaders 

19/20:ENSI101  Entrepreneurship: Key Debates and Concepts 

Supervised By

Prof. Claire Leitch and Prof. Valerie Stead 

Professional Role

Doctoral Research Assistant for TARGETED-MPI Project (2020 October-November) 

Strategy-as-Practice International Network (SAP-IN) Forum Coordinator (2019-now) 

LUMS Postgraduate Recruitment and Conversion Assistant (11/2016-06/2017)

LUMS Teaching Assistant (2018-2020) 

Postgraduate Research Assistant, University of Nottingham (2011-2013) 


BA: Finance, Accounting and Management (University of Nottingham) 

MSc: Communication and International Entrepreneurship (University of Nottingham) 

MA: International Management (University of Nottingham) (Distinction) 

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