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Douglas Booker

Research Student

Douglas Booker

Lancaster University

LEC Building



Tel: +44 7540 693581

Research overview

Douglas is a part-time PhD researcher using a combination of natural and social science methods to elucidate the experiences of scientists and laypersons in the process of generating indoor and outdoor air quality data.

Douglas also runs NAQTS, a Lancaster Environment Centre collocated business that develops tools and technologies to provide independent, reliable, and holistic air quality information. Through his role as CEO of NAQTS, Douglas is also an industry supervisor for multiple PhD projects.

Business and Enterprise

Co-Founder and CEO of NAQTS Ltd, a business colocated in the Lancaster University Environment Centre.

National Air Quality Testing Services's (NAQTS) mission is to provide independent, reliable and holistic air quality information, to inform choices and improve quality of life. We seek to improve awareness of indoor air quality through widespread public and commercial monitoring using our holistic air quality monitoring technology.

Incorporating the latest developments in compact sensor technologies, along with regulatory grade particulate matter, and other environmental measurements NAQTS’s air quality monitoring systems are portable and easy-to-use, providing high-volume, scientifically accurate indoor air quality measurements.

Current Teaching

Douglas delivers the LEC 101 lecture on environmental justice and air quality.

This lecture examines who, in social and geographical terms, lives with the consequences of air pollution. Is bad air quality distributed equally according to differences in income, ethnicity, or age? Or does pollution follow some in society more than others?

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