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Dr Efstathios Reppas Chrysovitsinos

Formerly at Lancaster University


I am an environmental engineer with a PhD in Applied Environmental Science from Stockholm University and an Engineering Diploma in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Crete. Currently, I am working within the EISPAC project on the impact of multiple stressors on the Arctic marine ecosystem.

My main area of expertise is environmental mathematical modelling.

I have been working on various topics of contaminant fate & transport and exposure assessment, with a primary focus on i) computational and mathematical modelling of contaminant transport, ii) physicochemical property estimation methods for organic chemicals, iii) in silico screening techniques to prioritize contaminants with high exposure potential and, iv) data mining techniques for chemical databases.

My PhD thesis delivered a toolbox of in silico methods to prioritize chemicals with high exposure potential (i.e. chemicals that remain in the environment for a long time and/or distribute over a large area) and my diploma thesis (available only in Greek) focused on the development of a set of computational tools to investigate the pollution of groundwater by dense non aqueous phase liquids (dNAPLs).

Contact me

Apart from emailing me, you can usually find me in office A507 (LEC1). Feel free to drop me a line or to drop by!

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