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Dr Elena Zanini

Research student

Lancaster University

Faraday Building



United Kingdom


Prior to joining STOR-i, I received a BSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, which involved an honours project on Semidefinite Programming and its application to the Pooling problem specifically. I had my first taste of OR in my undergraduate studies, thanks to a variety of courses run for the OR MSc programme that are also available for undergraduates to attend. 

Having always been fascinated by the idea of applying maths to solve real life problems, I took part in the STOR-i internship at the end of my third year. During my time in STOR-i, I had a chance to appreciate the interplay between OR, Statistics and other disciplines, and worked on the use of particle filters algorithms for parameter estimation. I was also able to gain valuable insight in the world of research, which led me to apply for the 4 year STOR-i CDT programme. 

Before starting my MRes in Statistics and OR, I spent the summer on placement in Shell’s Statistic and Chemometrics department in Thornton. There, I mainly focused on extreme value statistics used to model extreme waves conditions in a variety of ocean basins.

My PhD research is focused on Extreme Value Theory. I will research methods for modelling of environmental extremes, with a particular focus on non-stationary applications. I am supervised by and Dr. Emma Eastoe and Prof. Jonathan Tawn. My project is in collaboration with Shell, where I work directly with Dr. Philip Jonathan and Dr. David Randell.

Homepage: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/pg/zaninie/index.php

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