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Elias Ghazal

Research student

Elias Ghazal

Lancaster University

County South



Research overview

I am interested in the intersection of religion and politics in the Middle East. In particular, I am intersted in exploring the politcization of religious identity. Some of the questions that I try to answer are: How is religious identity instrumentalized and to what effect? Why do some religio-political project successed while others fail? How can religous ideology be used for peacemaking? What role does politics have in shaping religion?

Current Research

My current research revolves around sectarianism in Lebanon. I am investigating the agency of religious leaders vis-à-vis sectarianism. How does the religious establishment, and in particular the clergy, propagate/limit the spread and devastating impact of sectarianism? In my research, I concentrate on Shiite clergy in Lebanon as they exemplify one of the most active and organized sectarian group in the country.  

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