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Dr Erica Lewis

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Erica Lewis

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Research overview

My doctoral research seeks to understand and support work which strengthens young women's leadership in social justice organisations. Like most action research projects, mine starts as a practice puzzle. Reflecting on my own experiences, as both a young woman and an organisational leader, I wanted to understand how personal and organisational practice could support young women to take up leadership work in social justice organisations.

Supervised By

My doctoral research is supervised by Dr Anthony Hesketh.

Career Details

My professional activities whether as a volunteer or employee have been linked by two key interests: education quality and access; and feminism.

My interest in education issues started as a student, which led to election as a student representative at local, sub-national and national levels. After graduation, I worked as student union staff, representing individual students and undertaking systemic advocacy work. I later transferred to the Australian public service where I had the opportunity to contribute to major policy initiatives in international and higher education. Culminating in opportunity to serve as the Higher Education Advisor to the Australian Government Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research.

Over the last twenty years my involvement with the women's movement has ranged from involvement in local collectives, to building national coalitions, leading successful law reform campaigns and speaking at international conferences. As an activist, staff member, and board member I have developed expertise in governance, campaigning, and actions to ensure women's rights.

Current Teaching

In the 2012-13 academic year I am part of the team delivering the first year undergraduate unit MNGT110: Introduction to Management. This overview course is designed to orient students to both the study of management, as well as studying at university. I teach two seminars on this course.

In the last academic year (2011-12) I taught a seminar on the course MNGT507: Learning to Manager. This master's level course was designed to give students, without previous experience in management, an insight into the theories and practices of management.

As my background attests, I am passionate about issues of student experience and education quality. In accordance with that commitment I am currently completing the Support Learning Program that Lancaster University offers, which will qualify me to become an Associate of the Higher Education Academy.

External Roles

Dec 2012 - date: Independent Director, Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education

July 2013 - date: Student Trustee, Lancaster University Student Union


2012 - date

Phd in Management Learning and Leadership - Lancaster University

2008 - 2009

Master of Public Administration - Harvard Kennedy School

2001 - 2006

Bachelor of Laws - Australian National University

1998 - 1999

Bachelor of Arts Honours (Political Science) - Australian National University

1995 - 1997

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) - University of Technology, Sydney

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