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Esra Paca

Research student

Esra Paca

Charles Carter Building Lancaster University Bailrigg Lancaster LA1 4YX


United Kingdom

Research overview

My current research focuses on how psychodynamically informed dynamics are manifested in work organisations. More specifically, drawing upon a theoretical framework informed by the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung, my research examines how qualities associated with what Jung defines as the archetypal masculine and feminine are manifested in work organisations. I explore the archetypal dynamics through examining the patterns and motifs as reflected on the values, relationships and language in a work organisation in Turkey.


Current Teaching

   - Organisations and Management in Context

   - Managing Organisations, Human Resources and Technology - Key Issues and Debates

   - Ethics and Organisations - Gender





Thesis Title

An Exploration of the Organisational Dynamics in A Work Organisation through the Jungian framework - A case-study in Turkey


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