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Farmon Asadov

Research student

Lancaster University

The Management School



Research overview

My research interest lies in the field of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) in the textile and apparel industry, particularly focusing on developing countries, with a unique emphasis on Uzbekistan. This research is dedicated to exploring and defining effective strategies for adopting SSCM in the textile sector. The goal is to enhance environmental, social, and economic outcomes, thereby fostering long-term sustainability and resilience in this critical industry. Under the guidance of my supervisors, Dr. Anas Iftikhar and Dr. Lingxuan Liu, this study not only represents an academic endeavor but also a practical commitment towards creating impactful change. It aims to provide valuable insights and strategies for businesses and policymakers, especially in the evolving landscape of Uzbekistan's textile industry, ensuring its growth is sustainable and beneficial for all stakeholders.