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Dr Feargal Cochrane

Formerly at Lancaster University

Feargal Cochrane

PhD supervision

Feargal would particularly welcome applications for PhD research linked to his areas of research specialisation. These include any of the following areas:

-The impact of Diaspora communities on emerging peace processes -including specific case studies of Diaspora populations as agents of peace/violence in the 21st Century.

- The connections between migration and security across a range of conceptual and empirical contexts.

-The impact of globalisation and digital technology on cultural, economic and political practices surrounding migration, security and belonging.

-The political conflict/peace process in Northern Ireland especially in the context of political devolutiuon since 1998.

Research Interests

Feargal Cochrane is Director of the Richardson Institute, a peace and conflict studies research centre within the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion. His research interests primarily centre on intra-state conflicts and emerging peace processes within ethnically divided societies. He is particularly interested in political and cultural aspects of Diaspora communities and has recently been conducting research on the Irish-American Diaspora. Beyond the Irish case, He is interested in how Diaspora communities intersect with peace processes and conflict within deeply divided societies and how these groups engage from the outside, with political and cultural processes taking place within their countries of origin.

He is currently working on a single-authored book on 'Security and Migration in the Global Age' which will be published by Routledge in 2012.

In addition to these research interests, He has also published widely on issues relating to the political conflict in Northern Ireland and on 'civil society', especially non-governmental organisations and their capacity to assist conflict prevention and conflict transformation within divided societies.

Research Grants

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2007 £5000 from the Lancaster University Research Committee for a conference to take place on 1-2 May 2008 entitled 'The role of migration in peace and security in the 2st Century: The Lancaster Summit'.

2005: £3000 grant from the Institute for Advanced Studies at Lancaster University for a workshop entitled 'Civil Society and Conflict Prevention: Patterns and Limitations'

2004: £4000 grant from the Lancaster Universtiy Research Committee for Global Mobility and Diaspora Communities: Irish America, September 11th and the 'War on Terror' project.

2002: £6000 grant from Lancaster University Research Committee for a research project centred on global governance and environmental resources in Madagascar (With Rosaleen Duffy and Prof. Christopher Clapham)

1996/1998 $100,000: Feargal was the principal researcher in Northern Ireland on a grant from the Aspen Institute in Washington, on a project entitled the 'International Study of Peace/Conflict Resolution Organisations (ISPO)'. This study focused on the evolution, roles and impact of NGOs working in the field of conflict resolution in Northern Ireland, South Africa and Israel/Palestine.

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Current Teaching

He teaches the following courses:

Feargal is the course convenor for the Postgraduate module PPR.419: Conflict Transformation and Resolution.




Northern Ireland: The Reluctant Peace, (Yale University Press, Forthcoming 2013)

Security and Migration in the Global Age, (Routledge, Forthcoming 2012)

The End of Irish-America? Globalisation and the Irish Diaspora(Irish Academic Press, 2010, 221pp)

Ending Wars, (Polity Press, 2008, 228pp) For further details and ordering see http://www.polity.co.uk/book.asp?ref=9780745640327

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Unionist Politics and the Politics of Unionism since the Anglo-Irish Agreement. (Cork University Press, 1997, 426pp).

Book Chapters

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Articles in Refereed Journals

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