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Professor Felix Wackers

Formerly at Lancaster University

  1. Data from: Nectar bacteria affect life history of a generalist aphid parasitoid by altering nectar chemistry

    Lenaerts, M. (Creator), Goelen, T. (Creator), Paulussen, C. (Creator), Herrera-Malaver, B. (Creator), Steensels, J. (Creator), Van Den Ende, W. (Creator), Verstrepen, K. (Creator), Jacquemyn, H. (Creator), Lievens, B. (Creator), Wackers, F. (Creator), Dryad, 2018, 10.5061/dryad.kt8k2


  2. Data from: Neonicotinoid pesticide reduces bumblebee colony growth and queen production

    Whitehorn, P. R. (Creator), O'Connor, S. (Creator), Wackers, F. (Creator), Goulson, D. (Creator), Dryad, 2012, 10.5061/dryad.1805c973


  3. Data from: Pest tradeoffs in technology: reduced damage by caterpillars in Bt cotton benefits aphids

    Hagenbucher, S. (Creator), W├Ąckers, F. L. (Creator), Wettstein, F. E. (Creator), Olson, D. M. (Creator), Ruberson, J. R. (Creator), Romeis, J. (Creator), Wackers, F. (Creator), Dryad, 2013, 10.5061/dryad.t815g


  4. Data from: Scaling up effects of measures mitigating pollinator loss from local- to landscape-level population responses

    Kleijn, D. (Creator), Linders, T. E. W. (Creator), Stip, A. (Creator), Biesmeijer, J. C. (Creator), Bukovinszky, T. (Creator), Wackers, F. (Creator), Dryad, 2019, 10.5061/dryad.51cd11j


  5. Data from: Sugar provisioning maximizes the biocontrol service of parasitoids

    Tena, A. (Creator), Pekas, A. (Creator), Cano, D. (Creator), Urbaneja, A. (Creator), Wackers, F. (Creator), Dryad, 2016, 10.5061/dryad.bj001


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