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Dr Fiona Measham

Formerly at Lancaster University

Fiona Measham

PhD supervision

Fiona welcomes PhD applications within her specialist field including changing patterns of alcohol and drug use, gender, leisure and transgression.

Research Interests

Fiona Measham was appointed to Lancaster University in 2000 and is now Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the Department of Applied Social Science.

Fiona is co-author of Illegal Leisure (1998), Dancing on Drugs (2001) and Illegal Leisure Revisited (2010), based on large scale studies of young people's drug and alcohol use, and co-editor of Swimming with Crocodiles (2008), a cross cultural comparison of young people's 'extreme drinking'. Her theoretical interests span cultural criminology, gender studies and the sociology of intoxication, with a particular interest in exploring the boundaries of transgression, the criminalisation of leisure and the problematic-recreational interface in leisure time consumption.

Her most recent, current and forthcoming research projects include:

* Ongoing studies exploring changing patterns of drug use, the changing nature of mature electronic dance music 'scenes' and related policy developments in the regulation and policing of intoxication (eg. Measham and Moore, 2008, 2009; Measham and Hadfield, 2009; Smith, Moore and Measham, 2009). For further details see www.clubbingresearch.com

* A British Academy-funded exploratory study of GHB and GBL use in the UK.

* An exploratory study of British ketamine use, the impact of its recent criminalisation and the role of insider knowledge in the research process (eg. Measham and Moore, 2006; Moore and Measham, 2006, 2008),

* Research on regulation, gentrification and criminalisation within the night time economy (eg. Hadfield and Measham, 2009a, 2009b, 2010), Senior Academic Consultant to Home Office national review of alcohol industry Social Responsibility Standards, including co-ordinating the fieldwork and managing a team of 28 researchers who conducted observations within on and off trade licensed venues across the country (Home Office/KPMG, 2008) available at: www.gov.uk

* Ongoing studies of 'binge' drinking, bounded consumption and changing cultures of intoxication from both a UK and international comparative perspective (eg. Measham and Brain, 2005; Measham, 2006; Measham, 2008; Martinic and Measham, 2008; Fox et al, 2010; Measham and Østergaard, 2009),

* an historical analysis of the attempted criminalisation of English barmaids (eg. Measham, forthcoming),

Fiona teaches criminology and drug and alcohol studies at undergraduate and postgraduate level, holds a Stage 2 certificate in learning and teaching in higher education and acts as external examiner and course validator in other UK universities at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Fiona is a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, a member of the editorial boards of the British Journal of Criminology, Drugs and Alcohol Today and Alcohol and Culture, as well as regular referee for a wide range of academic journals. In recognition of her expertise, she has acted as expert witness in major trials and as consultant to the media.


Some of her recent publications are available at Past and Present Papers and Reports

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