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Florian Payen

Formerly at Lancaster University


I am a post-doc research associate working on urban greening and food growing as part of the Rurban Revolution project. My research focuses on the food production potential of urban agriculture and the agronomic suitability of different urban spaces (e.g. rooftops, façades, indoor spaces, etc.). I am also interested in understanding the impacts of urban agriculture on the provision of ecosystem services in urban environments. 

Before joining Lancaster University, I was a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh and Scotland's Rural College. My PhD investigated the bio-physical and socio-economic barriers preventing the implementation of soil carbon sequestration practices on agricultural land, with a case study focusing on vineyards. 

Research Interests

  • Urban agriculture and food systems
  • Ecosystem service delivery in urban spaces
  • Soil carbon sequestration practices
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Sustainable agriculture and agro-ecology

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