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Dr Franciska De Vries

Formerly at Lancaster University

Franciska De Vries

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on the effects of land use and climate change on soil biodiversity, and subsequently on the effects of changes in soil biodiversity on ecosystem processes. I am particularly interested in how plants and soil microbial communities interact under these changing circumstances, and how this influences ecosystem processes like nutrient and carbon cycling.


2012-present: BES Early Career Project Grant funded project "Primary succession and ecosystem nitrogen retention in glacier forelands". In this project, I sampled three Alpine glacier forelands that represent chronosequences of successional development, to investigate how ecosystem nitrogen retention changes with succession.

2012-present: EU-funded Ecofinders project. This is a large-scale European project, involving 26 participants, with the aim to support European Union soil policy making by providing the necessary tools to design and implement strategies for sustainable use of soils.

2009-2012: EU 7th framework project Soilservice. The SOILSERVICE project was an interdisciplinary project with 11 partners from 7 countries, and investigated conflicting land use, soil biodiversity and the sustainable delivery of ecosystem goods.



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