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Dr Gemma Taylor

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research Interests

I am currently involved in the ESRC Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD) investigating word learning in infants and specifically how infants transfer words learnt from picture books and television to the 3D world.  

My other research interests include: 

Developmental changes in learning and memory across infancy using visual recognition procedures, imitation and eye-tracking methodology.  

Development of contour detection and integration using a gaze contingent looking task. 

Career Details

2014-Present - Research Associate working as part of the ESRC Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD), Lancaster University, UK.  

2013-2014 - Post Doc, Binghamton University, New York. 

2010-2013 - PhD, University of Sheffield, UK. 

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