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Dr Gonenc Uysal

Lecturer in International Political Economy

Gonenc Uysal

County South



Office Hours:

Tuesday 11:00-12:00 & Wednesday 11:00-12:00

Research Interests

My research focuses on International Political Economy and the Global South, with a particular focus on critical development studies, historical sociology, critical state theory, war and revolution, modernity and religion, political Islam, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Sub-Saharan Africa. To be more specific, my research examines the political economy of state-society relations and foreign affairs in the Global South, particularly that of Turkey, borrowing from historical materialist/Marxist approaches.  

Current Research

I can summarise my current research under three broad headlines. Firstly, I am exploring state-military-society relations and the role of military in politics in the Global South, particularly Turkey, in relation to late-development. Secondly, I am exploring foreign affairs and military relations of Turkey vis-à-vis the Global South, particularly the MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa, in accordance with contradictions of the world capitalist system. Thirdly, I am exploring the relationship between war and revolution in the Global South in relation to anti-colonial/anti-imperialist struggles and late-development. 

Current Teaching

I am the convenor of PPR.295: International Political Economy: Theories and Issues, which discusses a variety of approaches to IPE (liberal, neoclassical, historical materialist/Marxist, feminist), and the historical development of the world capitalist system. In this way, it covers a range of issues of importance to the study of IPE, including governance, crisis, and gender. 

Career Details

I joined the PPR in 2022. Previously, I taught at Osmaniye University (Turkey) and King's College London. I pursued my PhD (2016) and MA (2010) in War Studies at King's College London, and my BA (2009) in International Relations at Bilkent University (Turkey). My PhD was funded by the Turkish Ministry of Education, and my MA was funded by the European Commission. My BA was funded by the Turkish Council of Higher Education. 

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