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Harjit Hullait

Research student


I graduated from Royal Holloway with an MSci in maths and information security, and am currently on the mRes programme at Lancaster University. At Royal Holloway I have gained an insight into the impact mathematics plays in the real world. I was attracted to the STOR-i programme, as it aims to use mathematics within industry, with leading experts in Statistics and Operational Research.

In 2014 I completed a summer internship at GSK as a data analyst in supply chain, collecting and segmenting products is respect to demand and volatility of sales. The methods used required simple statistics but elaborate programming. The experience highlighted the demand and application of statistics & operational research in the real world. I believe there are many exciting opportunities to use statistics and Operational research to make an important impact.

I have just finished my Mres year and have started working on my PhD titled ‘Automated Data Inspection of Jet Engines’ and is being run with Rolls Royce Plc. In the project we want to develop statistically consistent methods for identifying anomalies in high-dimensional Jet engine data. I am being supervised by David Leslie, Nicos Pavlidis and Azadeh Khaleghi at Lancaster University, with Stephen King my Industrial supervisor at Rolls Royce.

Homepage: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/pg/hullait/

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