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Dr Helen Wilding

Former Research Student

Research overview

Inspired by the health promotion movement's emphasis on healthy public policy and health in all policies, I am interested in how the day to day work of policy practitioners in local government can impact on both the content and process of policy.  I am also interested in whether practices can be changed through practice development and action research approaches.

Additional Information

2013 - 2015 'Taught' phase of PhD by Blended Learning which included modules on:

  • Public Health: Policy, Theory and Practice
  • Philosophy of Research
  • Theory and methods: choices for health research
  • Systematic approaches to literature reviews and evidence synthesis
  • Data Analysis (including both qualitative and quantitative)
  • Principles of Research design and practical research ethics

Career Details

I worked for a number of years in NHS, voluntary sector and a local authority and have more recently started an academic career.  I work part-time as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University, UK

Web Links

I blog in a personal capacity at http://helen.wilding.name/

Follow me on Twitter @hw29x


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