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Professor Henning Schomerus FInstP, SFHEA


  1. Research data for "Observation of supersymmetric pseudo-Landau levels in strained microwave graphene"

    Bellec, M. (Creator), Poli, C. (Creator), Kuhl, U. (Creator), Mortessagne, F. (Creator), Schomerus, H. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2020, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/369


  2. Numerical data on coulomb-corrected strong field approximation for hydrogen

    Schomerus, H. (Creator), Lai, X. (Creator), Poli, C. (Creator), Figueira de Morrison Faria, C. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2015, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/8


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