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Dr Huey Fen Cheong

Former Research Student

Huey Fen Cheong

Research overview

My work since Master’s has been focusing on gender representation in marketing, particularly in marketing male grooming and female beauty products. I'm particularly interested to see how the male grooming industries overcome the gender norms or stereotypes to promote male grooming, commonly known as metrosexuality (may refer to the metrosexual practice, phenomenon, or identity).


My research is not just empirical, but more on the philosophical aspect. My Master’s study looked at the interdisciplinary differences and potential collaboration between linguistics and marketing in semiotics (see Cheong & Kaur 2015). And now, with the exposure to the British academic context during PhD, my philosophical interest turns to Eastern collectivism and Western individualism in constructing knowledge, particularly knowledge about gender. Linguistics serves as the medium of discovery, expression, and dissemination.

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