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Ian Hesketh

Formerly at Lancaster University

Current Research

My research views wellbeing as a construct and focuses on theories of motivation, leadership, psychological contract, resilience and discretionary effort as lenses through which to view it. I explore to what extent these vary as employees are faced with considerable changes to working practices and terms and conditions that are being enacted in the face of unprecedented government cuts to public sector budgets. What threatens these phenomena? Can managers become competent in recognising and addressing attitudinal shifts and signs of deteriorating wellbeing? Crucially, what interventions are effective and enable a fulfilling working life for employees in which they can enjoy a sense of meaning and purpose? Can an organisation create a sustainable environment in which these elements of wellbeing can flourish? 

During the course of my research I have introduced and labelled the concept of LEAVEISM, whereby employees take annual leave, flexi, or re-roster to take time away from the workplace when they are, in fact, unwell. This extends to taking work home or on holiday that cannot be completed in contracted hours due to workload overload (see my published work).

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