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Ian Wilkes

Research student

Ian Wilkes

Research overview

To understand the nature of interation of materials with electromagnetic radiation especially in the pressence of magnetic fields.  Interested in the manufacture of 2D materials and 2.5 D materials especially using chemical and mechanical processes,

Business and Enterprise

Interested in innovation and exploitation of novel materials.

Career Details

Whitford Limited:  Research Manager: 2011-2014

Manufacture of high technology coatings with applications in aerospace and behond.  Speciality in treatment of fluoro polymers to achieve spcific properties and functionality.


Nippon Sheet Glass:  Research Scientist 2010-2011

Design of new materials for twisted materials including carbon fibre, glass and other high tensile strength and high temperature composites for reinforced rubber products.


Saint-Gobain:  Innovation Project Manager.


Use of advanced measurement techniques to measure crystal growth in micro porous ceramics.

€1M research project over 3 years including 2 university collaborations.


Unilever Research  :  Scientist


€2M research project on micro fluidics for bio-applications.

UV-visible study of dyes @ nano-second time scale leading to patent and publication.

Innovation award winner- twice 1999 and 2001.


Synthese a Grande Vitesse:  Director of Research

Micro fluidic device manufacture including:

Laser processing, 3D printing and surface coating.

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