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Dr Ilaria Gallo

Research Interests

The overall aim of my research work is to understand the dynamics between science, knowledge production and policy development in the context of climate change. I wish to explore theoretical and empirical issues related to knowledge interactions, scientific and epistemic resources between climate change expert and non-expert communities across global North and South.

Through the analysis of my fieldwork in Malawi and the engagement with a range of theoretical approaches, including Science and Technology Studies, I will look at how climate change is experienced and interpreted locally and closely entangled with other issues – especially food security, gender and environmental equity.

Career Details

After my B.Sc. in Peace-Keeping, International Cooperation and Development and M.Sc. in Economics of International Cooperation and Development from the University of Rome La Sapienza, I joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Malawi where I worked for almost three years as Programme Analyst for Climate Change.

In Malawi I actively managed the flagship Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) and the National Strategy for Managing Climate Change, providing technical and implementation support in the area of climate change capacity development. I joined the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change in 2012 to work as Assistant Project Manager on the ORIENTGATE project, a large project funded by the European Commission through the South-East Europe Programme, involving 34 partners from 13 different countries.

I will soon take up a new assignment as Climate Change Specialist with
the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in
Geneva to work on the GEF-LDCF National Adaptation Plan Global Support
Programme in order to assist Least Developed Countries in developing
adaptation plans.