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Dr James Carney

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

At the broadest level, my research is concerned with the cognitive and cultural factors that inform how human beings think about, create and communicate representations. In this regard, it cuts across both the humanities and the social sciences. Methodologically, I am very interested in how quantitative and experimental methods can be applied to qualitative cultural and linguistic data (and particularly to 'big' data). To date, I have published on a wide variety of subjects, including experimental psychology, literary studies, anthropology, cultural studies, mythology, social media and linguistics.

Career Details

2014-2016: Research Associate, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

2013-2016: Research Associate, Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford

2012-2015: Junior Research Fellow, Linacre College, University of Oxford

2012-2014: Marie Curie Fellow, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

2009-2012: Lecturer, School of English, University College Cork

2007-2009: Teaching Fellow, School of Languages, Literature, Culture & Communication, University of Limerick

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