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Dr James Michael Stone

Former Research Student

Research overview

Cognitive Training

Evaluating the efficacy of behavioural cognitive interventions, specifically with regard to training of working memory. 

Methodological aspects of assessing Working Memory

All aspects of the research process that can impact the evaluation of working memory - computerised measurement tools, experimental conditions, scoring and analysis methods etc. 

Development of useful open source computerised cognitive assessment tools

Providing useful, flexible, and easy to administer computerised cognitive measurement tools. 


At Lancaster I have been involved in the teaching of the following modules:


PSYC401 - Analysing and Interpreting Data I (3 years)

PSYC402 - Analysing and Interpreting Data II (3 years)

CRIM204 - Measuring Crime (1 year)

SCC461 - Programming for data science (R programming 5 week section) (1 year)

CFAS 440 / CFAS405 - Statistical Methods (1 year)

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