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Jawad Kadir

Former Research Student

Research overview

Primarily, I am interested in Conflict Studies and Social Theory of International Politics. I am working on Societal Psychology to look into how conflict behaviour of larger groups are shaped. I am also studying the psycho-dynamics of conflict in any society.

Current Research

I am using the schema of Psycho-cultural theory of conflict to find out the cultural foundations of psychological rivalry between two South Asian titans; India and Pakistan. My research is aimed at finding causal link among primary social institutions, cultural concepts of conflict, and people's general conflict behaviour. 

Thesis Title

All in the Family: A Psychocultural Examination of Pakistan-India Conflict Dynamics

Current Teaching

Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA), PPR, Lancaster University

Ph.D (International Relations), Lancaster University

M. Phil (International Relations)

M.A (Political Science)

Supervised By

Dr. Amalendu Misra

Web Links

Book Review:


The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs: “The Contractor: Raymond’s Davis new book, an old device for Defamation”


Other Publications:

The Conversation, UK: India-Paikistan Rivalry is not territorial or ideological – It’s Psychological


The Conversation, UK: Traditional Justice System in Resolving Pakistan-India Conflict


Asia Times: The above piece was reproduced by the Asia Times with my consent


The Globe Post: “ Pakistan and India won’t fight to death because they need each other


The Northern Review, UK: “ Can New Pakistan change its Old Relations with India”


Pakistan Horizon: “A Change is of approach is needed to study Pakistan-India Relations”


Pakistan Horizon: “Trump’s Tweet about Pakistan leads to a Denial Factor”


Contact me

B-64, County South

Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion



Office: B-64, County South


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