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Jawad Kadir

Research student

Research overview

Primarily, I am interested in Conflict Studies and Social Theory of International Politics. I am working on Societal Psychology to look into how conflict behaviour of larger groups are shaped. I am also studying the psycho-dynamics of conflict in any society.

Current Research

I am using the schema of Psycho-cultural theory of conflict to find out the cultural foundations of psychological rivalry between two South Asian titans; India and Pakistan. My research is aimed at finding causal link among primary social institutions, cultural concepts of conflict, and people's general conflict behaviour. 

Thesis Title

A Psycho-Cultural Analysis of Pakistan-India Conflict

Research Grants

I have been funded by Punjab Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for my Ph.D Research


M. Phil (International Relations)

M.A (Political Science)

Supervised By

Dr. Amalendu Misra

Web Links

Book Review:


The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs: “The Contractor: Raymond’s Davis new book, an old device for Defamation”


Other Publications:

The Conversation, UK: India-Paikistan Rivalry is not territorial or ideological – It’s Psychological


The Conversation, UK: Traditional Justice System in Resolving Pakistan-India Conflict


Asia Times: The above piece was reproduced by the Asia Times with my consent


The Globe Post: “ Pakistan and India won’t fight to death because they need each other


The Northern Review, UK: “ Can New Pakistan change its Old Relations with India”


Pakistan Horizon: “A Change is of approach is needed to study Pakistan-India Relations”


Pakistan Horizon: “Trump’s Tweet about Pakistan leads to a Denial Factor”


Contact me

B-64, County South

Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion



Office: B-64, County South


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