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Dr Jeanette Rowley

Former Research Student


  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

  • Academic Tutor.

  • Postgraduate Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

  • Master of Laws with Distinction.

  • B.A.Hons. Law, Sociology & Social Anthropology.

  • Member of the Academic Research Committee of the United Kingdom Vegan Society.

  • Member of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission Religion or Belief Network.

  • Founding member of the International Vegan Rights Alliance.

  • A co-founder member of the international working group of vegan legal professionals.

  • Author of Vegan Rights: Questions and Answers.

  • Author of a  chapter in the Palgrave 2016 publication Critical Perspectives on Veganism (Castricano, Jodey, Simonsen, Rasmus R. (Eds.).

  • Author of Vegan Equality survey report.

  • International speaker on veganism and law.






Research overview

I completed my PhD thesis 'Towards a Vegan Jurisprudence: The Need for a Reorientation of Human Rights'.

Current Research

The title of my doctoral thesis 'Towards a Vegan Jurisprudence: The Need for a Reorientation of Human Rights' argues that veganism gives expression to a cornerstone value of human rights: the duty to be responsible in the face of suffering. To ignore the suffering of nonhuman beings is fundamental human rights wrong.

My external examiner was Professor Upendra Baxi who found my work 'excellent' and 'inspiring'. Both examiners recommend that the thesis be published as soon as possible.

I am now involved in postdoctoral research on veganism.

External Roles


I am a member of the Academic Research Committee of the United Kingdom Vegan Society and the founder of the International Vegan rights Alliance. I am also a United Kingdom representative for a vegan rights organisation which aims to support vegans who experience unfair treatment or discrimination. The organisation also provides advocacy and human rights and equality information if requested to do so.

In April 2016 I co-organised the International Symposium on the Right to a Plant Based Diet which brought together vegan legal professionals from around the world to discuss the relationship of veganism to human rights and equality law. The event was a huge success and a bigger event took place in 2017.

First International Law Symposium on the right to a plant based diet photo


Additional Information

I am now organising with Go Vegan Scotland, a 2018 conference on Veganism and Law which will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have presented at various conferences in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Details of my presentations can be found on my Academia.edu web page:


In December 2016 I gave a presentation on how veganism is a protected non-religious belief in human rights and equality law to the newly formed All Party Parliamentray Group on veganism and vegetarianism. Details of this new group can be found here: https://www.vegansociety.com/whats-new/news/vegan-society-announce-formation-parliamentary-group-vegetarianism-and-veganism


In the very early days of my time at Lancaster I conducted a survey and produced a report on veganism and equality in the UK. The objective of the survey was to ascertain the views of vegans regarding the way UK equality provisions were implemented in employment, work, social and consumer contexts. It concluded that vegans often endure varying degress of discomfort in their daily lives. Whilst it also noted that vegans are robust and rely on the strength of their ethical convictions to help "cope" when necessary, there is much work to be done to allow the culture of ethical veganism to flourish. The survey was approved by and complied with the conditions of Lancaster University Ethics Committee.

I have published a rights and equality guide for UK vegans.

Web Links


The UK Vegan Society



The International Vegan Rights Alliance



Other Interests and Hobbies

I am now working in collaboration with other academics, on our new International Journal of Veganism and Law; which is a free open access forum where a wide range of contributors can share knowledge and discuss this fast growing topic.

I love my old MG Roadster even when I'm on the M6 in torrential rain going nowhere and when I can't find a space to park at University! I am a member of the MG Owners club.

I am a "fair weather" cyclist and kayaker and enjoy long walks in open spaces, mountains and woods.

I love playing Yahoo bouncing balls (other service provider bouncy balls are available??!). I can't get beyond 68,000. Get in touch if you can do it:)        

Contact me

I would love to hear from you if you are interested in my work or have any questions. Email j.rowley2@lancaster.ac.uk

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