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Dr Jenny Rinkinen

Formerly at Lancaster University

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Research Interests

I am a social scientist specialising in energy demand, sustainable consumption and resource use. My research focuses in particular on changes in energy-intensive practices such as housing, heating, cooling and food supply. My research at the DEMAND Research Centre deals with relations between materials, objects and practices and their implications for energy demand. 



Current Research

I am currently editing a book called 'Energy Fables: Challenging ideas in the energy sector' together with Elizabeth Shove and Jacopo Torriti. I am also finalising a book that gathers insights from the DEMAND Center at Lancaster University. 

In my recent research I have studied energy demand, urbanisation and changing patterns of consumption in Southeast Asia. The project, Convergence and divergence in energy-related practices: Understanding demand in the Global Southbuilt on DEMAND’s empirical and theoretical approach through an international comparative study.

Thesis Title

Demanding energy in everyday life: Insights from wood-heating into theories of social practice (Doctoral dissertation, Aalto University School of Business, 2015)

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