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Dr Jessica Hammond

Teaching Technician

Furness Building



Tel: +44 1524 594269

Professional Role

I support the preparation and delivery of practical laboratory classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students within Biomedical and Life Sciences. I supervise students and provide training on using equipment and various laboratory techniques. I am involved in outreach events such as school taster days and open days. Outside of term time, I also support activities in our research laboratories.

Career Details

Following the completion of my MSci at Lancaster, I undertook a Masters by Research focusing on the effects of sodium dichloroacetate on protein processing in Alzheimer's Disease.  For my PhD, I explored the relationship between air pollution and Alzheimer's disease with a focus on magnetite nanoparticles using in vitro models and environmental samples alongside magnetic methods to quantify the concentration of magnetic nanoparticles in human brain tissue. During this time, I developed my laboratory skills including western blotting, cell culture, transfection, microscopy, (nano)toxicity assays, ELISA, SQUID magnetometry, and the handling of human tissue. I also have some experience with various molecular biology techniques such as DNA and protein extraction, protein expression systems, and PCR.

Current Teaching

  • BIOL112 - Cell Structure and Function
  • BIOL387 - Biosciences Research Project

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