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Dr João Pennacchi

Former Research Student

João Pennacchi

Research overview

I am a PhD student at Lancaster University in collaboration with the Rothamsted Research Institute, both in UK. I am interested in understanding how plants can improve their biomass production and how it can be boosted by a more efficient process of fixating carbon from atmosphere. For this I am currently working in wheat populations trying to map genes that can be related to increased photosynthetic capacity and yield. I am also a PhD student at Universidade Federal de Lavras, in Brazil, where I am studying new statistic methods to inform changes in the physiological balance of plants under stress conditions.  In a broad view I want to contribute to address the challenge of feeding the growing World population not just by understanding how to increase crop yields, but by breeding plants that can be more resilient in terms of yield even in non-ideal climatic conditions. The task of feeding the World is not simple and is definitely a multidisciplinary job

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