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Dr John Wood

Lecturer in Law (Skills and Core Law)

John Wood

Bowland North



Research overview

John's research interests are in company law and insolvency law. In regard to the former, John specialises in directors’ duties, shareholder rights and remedies. In relation to insolvency law John researches in the areas of administration, corporate rescue, investigations by insolvency office-holders, regulation, and the use of commercial discretion in insolvency decisions.

PhD supervision

John is interested in supervising PhD projects in Corporate Insolvency Law, Company Law, and Corporate Governance Law.

Current Teaching

Company Law (LLB)

Insolvency Law (LLM)

Additional Information

Groups and Membership

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Ordinary Member of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)
  • INSOL International Academic Special Interest Group
  • Younger Academics Network of Insolvency Law (YANIL) of INSOL 
  • Academic Member of the Insolvency Lawyers Association (ILA)

Previous publications

  • J Wood, ‘Directors’ duties post insolvency’ (2021) 32(7) International Company and Commercial Law Review 371-386
  • J Wood, – (publication review) Insolvency Practitioners: Appointment, Duties, Powers and Liability, Sims, Hugh QC and others (1st edn, Edward Elgar 2020) (2021) 34(1) International Insolvency Review 1-2.
  • J Wood, – (publication review) Creditor Treatment in Corporate Insolvency Law by Kayode Akintola (2021) 34(1) Insolvency Intelligence 27
  • J Wood, ‘One Ring to Rule them all: has the call for a Single Regulator been Answered?’ (2020) 33(2) Insolvency Intelligence 55-62
  • J Wood, ‘Insolvency office-holder discretion and judicial control’ (2020) 6 Journal of Business Law 451-475
  • J Wood, – (publication review) McPherson & Keay: The Law of Company Liquidation by Andrew R. Keay (4th) (2019) 3 Journal of Business Law 239-240
  • J Wood, ‘Assessing the effectiveness of the UK's insolvency regulatory framework at deterring insolvency practitioners' opportunistic behaviour’ (2019) 19(2) Journal of Corporate Law Studies 333-366.
  • J Wood, ‘Cross-border insolvencies after Brexit: challenges and recommendations’ (2017) 5(7) Nottingham Business and Insolvency Law e-Journal 1-26
  • J Wood, ‘Review of the Regulatory System: How Effective has the Complaints Gateway been?’ (2017) 30 (7) Insolvency Intelligence 106-113
  • J Wood, ‘Brexit and the legal Implications for cross-border insolvencies: what does the future hold for the UK?’ (2017) 396 Company Law Newsletter 1-4
  • J Wood, ‘The Sun is Setting: is it time to legislate pre-packs?’ (2016) 67(2) Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 173-88
  • J Wood, ‘The Meaning of ‘Economic Activity’ and ‘Establishment’ in Cross-border Insolvency Proceedings – The Implications of Olympic Airlines SA case’ (2015) 9 International Company and Commercial Law Review 302-306
  • J Wood, ‘The Objectives of Administration’ (2015) 36(1) Company Lawyer 1-7
  • J Wood, ‘Defining Corporate Failure: Addressing the ‘Financial Distress’ Concept: Part 2’ (2014) 27(4) Insolvency Intelligence 56-58
  • J Wood, ‘Defining Corporate Failure: Addressing the ‘Financial Distress’ Concept: Part 1’ (2014) 27(3) Insolvency Intelligence 38-40

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