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Dr Jonathan Ward

Lecturer in Chemistry

Jonathan Ward

Department of Chemistry




Throughout my career I have amassed expertise in a multitude of research disciplines including organic synthesis/materials design, photophysical analysis, and molecule–surface interactions. I obtained an MChem degree from The University of York (2010). I then completed a PhD with Prof. Fairlamb developing light-activated therapeutic carbon monoxide-releasing molecules.

As a PDRA with Prof. Bryce (2014–2017, Durham), I synthesised all-organic pi-conjugated aromatic molecules for high efficiency optoelectronic devices. Subsequently, I worked on the HyperOLED European consortium at Durham (2017–2020), an H2020-funded project to collaborate with industry (Merck and MicroOLED). This project focused on hyper-fluorescence with a drive towards commercial optoelectronic products.

I then moved to the University of Liverpool to work with Prof Simon Higgins and Richard Nichols developing molecular wires and surface binding molecules to measure conductance at the single-molecule level and understand the molecule–surface interactions.

I will be drawing upon all of the above expertise to develop materials that organise on surfaces to control the directionality of emission properties.

I will also be developing highly robust pi-conjugated photocatalysts with strong bonding throughout the system for incorporation into flow chemistry systems.

Current Teaching

CHEM201 part 2: Alkenes and Alkynes

Professional Role

Disability Officer for Chemistry

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